Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knock Your Socks off with KUNG FU HUSTLE

Christopher Chow's movie on dvd, Kung Fu Hustle, has to be a Cult Classic*** in the kung fu-kick boxing movie genre.

Taking place in Pig Sty City this is a surreal, socialist-realism story of venality and corruption-- the down and out tenant-dweller Guang Dongers facing off against the men-in-black city slickers from
Shanghai-- as well as a story of love (lost and regained), of a battle for the heart and soul of kung fu, 'ku li' allegiance and loyalty.

The kung fu is awesome, 'ku li', as well.

All I can say is:

This beautifully filmed and choreographed film will

knock your socks off.


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Melissa said...

Ok this may sound weird, as I am a grown woman. But I love Kung Fu movies. And this is one that is on my list to watch! :)


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