Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Yup. Since the age of three I've been addicted to hiding.

It isn't that I like being alone interminably; rather, I've always seemed to need lots of "time outs".
Although human interaction stimulates me, I get anxious with too much human interaction, get self-conscious, start to feel ugly...and then I need to go into retreat before I start blowing proverbial verbal farts at other folks as a purgative for my own "uglies". Retreat is safe, snug, unchallenging in a social sense--I have nothing to prove by being in hiding, nor do I have to be productive. Am I contributing to the GDP right now? I don't believe so.

I forget the difference between the GDP and the GNP, but I know they both measure aggregate productivity.
When I was in college we were taught GNP: gross national product; now the students are taught GDP:gross domestic product. I wonder what my "GPP" ("gross personal product") is. Productivity has always seemed a rather trivial human accomplishment, compared say to nurturing. Is productivity related to a BS degree? Is there a "BS coefficient" to one's "gross personal product"? I think there is...and I am told I am a pretty good "BSer".


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