Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Call It a Day and Hit the Hay"

It snowed today south of town.

I was going to drive south to Arcata to spend the day there, but cautiousness prompted me to turn around and head back to Crescent City and off of the highway while the weather was inclement.

Hence, I spent the day at home dozing off while my wife, Cathy, watched the home decorating shows on HGTV.

I watched some of the PAC-10 Basketball Playoffs from the Staples Center in Los Angeles...and then Cathy and I watched C-SPAN for 1/2 hour: Gens. Abizaid and Pace, and Secs. Rice and Rumsfeld attempting to justify another 65 Billion Dollar supplemental appropriation for the Administration's failed Iraq Occupation.

After 1/2 hour of listening to a whole lot of doubletalk, Cathy announced she couldn't stand to listen to their SH** anymore...

And so...we called it a day and 'hit the hay'.


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