Thursday, December 02, 2004


I read the blog from the "girl in Baghdad"--"riverbend"--and had an epiphany--not a sweet epiphany, but an awful in "riding the BEAST as it slouches towards Bethlehem..."

And I realize as I click here and there from website to website that the would-be masters of the NEW WORLD ORDER are addicted to power, to might, to violence, to intimidation, to domination, to their own images, and to the various idolatries of commerce. Indeed they are creating a "novus ordo seculorum" that subborns religion to the state and directs people's spiritual proclivities into state-ordained and state-directed, organized religious and educational activities. This is not the secular state built on a separation of church and state; rather, it is a secular order constructed on a foundation that subordinates religion (and education) to state interests.

It is the STATE OF THE BIG LIE, and our national leaders are the maniacal perpetrators of this fraud on the Majority of PEOPLE here at home and throughout the WORLD.


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