Monday, March 07, 2005


A snag.

That is what I sometimes am caught upon in my "freefloat": a snag. As if I am caught on a branch in the River.

Sometimes I feel snagged (as if I have no choice in the matter). A smile can snag me... so can tears, laughter, an engrossing tale, a piece of song, a snippet of video, a poem, a turn of phrase, a quizzical expression... any of these can snag me from my freefloat.

And then I am bound to give attention, to pay attention, to give heed, to take heed, to partake of someone else's agenda, of someone else's needs, concerns, volition, life force, priorities.

All of which is fine; still, sometimes I wish to keep in mind my own needs and priorities, one of which is occasionally to unsnag myself- and freefloat.


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