Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Think Peace: TAKE ACTION

Today is CHINESE NEW YEAR: Happy New Year!

I've been home nursing a cold...that isn't what you want to do: "nurse a cold". You want to exterminate a cold, but this one is hanging on a little bit; still, I will exterminate it soon, I hope.

As always when I am "laid up", I lie in bed and do "life review": proverbially kicking myself for all the wrong or misguided things I have done in my life...sort of like picking at scabs. Satisfying in a perverse sort of way, but painful.

In any event, I am ready for a new beginning! Somewhere, deep down, I believe in myself, my integrity, my honesty, my ability. This year (with the aid and powers of GREAT SPIRIT) I shall MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I will THINK PEACE and TAKE ACTION: peace action, the waging of peace in service to a GREATER GOOD.


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