Thursday, January 27, 2005


I have spent so much time reading others' blogsites and perusing others' websites... that I have neglected to ruminate amidst my own Elysian Fields in Cyberspace. Now I'm taking some time to "chew on my cud" and ruminate like an old Brahma Bull- and maybe "sling a little bull", as my fingers do "ballet leaps from key to key" amidst these verdant and misty Fields of Elysia. The metaphor does not work, but I can still have fun- mixing metaphors and "goofing around" at the keyboard.

Local, national, and international news has put me in a blue funk lately; as a result, I have spent time diverting myself with reading social satire (FUNNY TIMES), Wild Grass (stories from contemporary China), and watching college basketball on TV (I prefer college basketball to NBA basketball).
And...I've been swimming and working out at CURVES*. Oh yes- our local CURVES*
accepts men- and NO, I do not get a discount for mentioning the name of the fitness center where I work out.

OH is still a good deal.


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