Saturday, March 18, 2006

CLEARCUTTING At Its Earthmoving Crudest

Yesterday, just one reader came to "my hiding place" to visit. Thank you, Secret Visitor, for your visit! Some of these posts are written for you only! (Like yesterday, Friday.)

Though one day I had over one hundred site visitors, I do not write to garner a high volume of site visits. If only one person visits and the blog entry feels right (expressive, honest, truthful), then I am satisfied.

Which brings me to today's news. Actually yesterday's news.

While driving to Arcata yesterday with my dog, "Dunebuggy", I noticed large (many-acre large) gashes of CLEARCUTTING AT ITS EARTHMOVING CRUDEST in the National and State Forests just across Highway 101 from Prairie Creek Redwoods in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. The gates to this part of the Publicly-owned forest were open, suggesting that THIS DEFORESTATION IS ONGOING.

Returning from Arcata in the evening, I turned off at LADY BIRD JOHNSON Grove, just North of Orick,CA, and checked on the acres and acres of stored, felled, OLD GROWTH REDWOODS stored at Simpson Lumber on the north side of
"Lady Bird Road": ACRES OF STORED, FELLED, OLD GROWTH REDWOODS--some of it rotting.

As a few folks profit from THE DEFORESTATION OF IRREPLACABLE REDWOODS.....IN THE NAME OF 'PRIVATIZATION OF OUR NATIONAL AND STATE FORESTS'.....we leave it to our grandchildren to plant the seedlings that may become OLD GROWTH REDWOODS many generations in the future.

I am trying to 'stay positive' and visualize a 'best-case scenario'.

Oh, I nearly forgot: Dunebuggy had a great day running on the beach yesterday.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger saf said...

Hi Chuck, I think that the clearcutting you saw is probably outside of the park boundaries on Green Diamond Resource company lands. The company formerly known as Simpson. I heard last year that Pacific Lumber traded Oldgrowth trees they had cut from their holdings for smaller logs that Simpson had. PL doesn't have a large diameter sawmill anymore but I guess Green Diamond in Orick does. I would hope that if they were logging in the parks that thousands would come out to oppose it.


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