Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The art of Rumoring is a subtle art,
More subtle than gossiping, which can give one a "start"-
A small-town, homespun, folksy craft
Separating clean-living Rumorers from those who are Daft:
Rumorers to the fore; Daft to the aft.

Still, let me not be a "Gloomer"
Who "showers shade" on those who rumor:
Rumorers struggle hard as "Citizens SANE",
Singing rumors from behind their windowpane.

As one of the Daft, I don't romanticize...
The state of daftness, I realize,
Warrants a caveat, a word to the wise:
"Unless you're daft, don't condescend
To moralize that a baseless rumor is, simply,
A justified means to an end."


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