Friday, April 22, 2005


When the MAN spews "bull" from the "bully pulpit"-

Is the righteousness real or just a sham:

To create a "window of time"

For hiding many a real culprit?

For TO CALL TO ACCOUNT has an ominous ring!

From THE MAN IN THE PULPIT it sounds a bit strange...

The "mandate of heaven" is a curious thing:

Even "oilmen-diplomats" can end up "riding the range".

And visiting with cronies, of course-

Where they can swap tales with other old cowpokes...

Why...even now, I can remember one of the old cowpoke jokes...

It goes like this:

"What looks like Bulls...smells like Bulls...and tastes like Bulls...?"-

"I'm sure glad I didn't step in it."


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