Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The Moslems from the Middle East
Sitting in U.S. cells- were
Rounded up under new laws passed
And jailed- without charges...

And where are they now,
In this "LAND OF THE FREE"?-
Why they're sitting in jail-
Invisible- "colorless", you see...

And Latinos who tried to pass
Undetected through the "barbed wire"
Gate to promise, hope, and liberty-
Where are they?

Some are "here";
Some sent back- and several score
Each year, neither here nor there-
They are dead-
And now are "colorless" you see...

And a "gay young man"
Eager to befriend-
Finds "pals" to break his monotony-
Goes riding on a country road-
Is beaten up and left for dead...
All splayed out on barbed wire-

Why, yes, he is dead- and now he's "free"
Because he is "colorless" you see...

And many a man- and woman, too-
Sits in "solitary" on a "trumped up" charge-
To put it mildly, "feeling blue"-
No conjugal visits, no letters from home...

How can this happen in "THE LAND OF THE FREE"?
He or She is one of the "nameless"- or,COLORLESS you see...


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