Tuesday, April 12, 2005


A chance encounter- sweet and chaste-
A meeting meant for cyberspace-
No need for "pics" and all that "jive":
Just good to be talking and to be alive...

For when all is said and done-
Imagination is much more fun:
"The perfect other" does not exist;
Better just a "cybertryst"...

It is from the void within
We garner strength to meet each day;
To put some phony confidence on parade
Is to make of living a mere charade...

For I- like you- am of the earth...
I "quake" inside with each day's "birth":
We all are connected- oh so deep-
Even as our mind does sleep...

And as "the dawn comes up like thunder"-
And alights with my heart for "plunder":
Arising to the surface from the unconscious sea
I search about for you or me...


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