Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who Could Forget?

Why has the institutionalized lawbreaking of this Administration proven to be so intractable?

With the Administration foundering in the polls, why has the elected, "loyal opposition" remained so docile?

Why are we not examining the root causes of terrorism, examining the nature of the crucible in which terrorism germinates and flourishes?

Why are we failing to grasp some of the economic dynamics involved?

What ever happened to respect for human rights and the welfare of the GLOBAL COMMUNITY?

Why has the United States Executive chosen to undermine the authority and autonomy of the United Nations?

9/11 provided "justification" for indiscriminate retaliation, destruction, and occupation...and scant reflection.

After all, the 9/11 "attack" on the twin towers did not take place in a vacuum.

The United States has maintained an oil-securing presence in the Middle East for my whole life.

In 1956, when I was eleven, there was a General Strike in Karachi, Pakistan at the height of the SUEZ CRISIS.

American MAG Jets bombed the Baluchistan Mountains bordering Afghanistan, across the Sind Desert, in "training missions" clearly meant to be visible to the people living in Karachi.

I know this, because I witnessed the bombing from our verandah every evening in the post-SUEZ, Karachi autumn of 1956.

I will never forget.


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Eli Despres said...

Hi Pop,

Addressing only your first question - I think democracy worked, albeit poorly for those who value rational foreign policy or government by and for the people. Diebold machines notwithstanding, it's clearly the collective will of the American people to tolerate the Bush administration's abuses of power. Those in power govern only with the consent of the governed. The majority either speaks, or fails to speak. Either way, democracy happens.

As a country, we put them in office and helped them to remove the constitutional checks and balances on their power. Neither of us voted for Bush or his allies, but enough people did. Forget about the vote count or voter fraud, the 2000 election was a statistical draw. If the people of the United States were collectively upset enough by the ineptitude and criminality of the government, this administration would be kept in check, kicked out of office, or thrown in prison.

That’s clearly not happening. I’m angry as hell at the administration, but the blame lies with the American people.

Democracy worked. It just didn’t work for the good guys.

Your son,


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