Monday, May 29, 2006

This MEMORIAL DAY The Good Life

Today, Memorial Day 2006, I hung out at South Beach-- the beach just south of the town of Crescent City.

There were quite a few folks flying large and colorful kites; hence, the beach scene was as colorful as a Seurat scene along the Seine...except that it was seaside rather than riverside, and the surfers in wetsuits on longboards took the human pageant into a more futuristic dimension.

Only for a quarter hour could I watch the holiday activity with an observer's detachment.

At length I left my gear in a pile on the beach...and I faced the waves, one by one...until I dove through one, then another and yet another...

...all the while cherishing the chill of the surf that was making my ears and head "sing".

As I reclothed on the beach I had the salty satisfaction of honoring the memory of family and friends in a special way...

which was, in feeling the scintillating goodness of being alive...

...indeed, of LIFE.


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