Sunday, July 06, 2008


Another day on the San Francisco Peninsula... then back home to Crescent City.

What with our May spent in China, and a couple of months of motel living while home renovations have taken place, we will be...oh so be under our own roof in our own 1,000 sq. foot, "petite" manufactured home. My wife, Cathy, wants to join a gym...and I am eager to go swimming in our local river (the Smith).

To live far from the maddening crowd in rural, coastal California means fewer trips to world-class museums, like the Metropolitan, and fewer visits to the cafes and street sights of urban America...still fresh, running water and walks among the towering trees of Redwoods National Park exert a stronger pull on me than the glamor and glitz of the city.

We are, at last...HOMEWARD BOUND.


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