Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DUNEBUGGY died today

DUNEBUGGY (14 yo canine puppy-friend) died today...

Someday, maybe, I will tell his story (if, on my 'ayah-baba' plane, "DUNER" gives me permission...)

I'm not sure why, but all this GRIEF turmoil, let it flow, I guess...

Cathy, wife and friend, has been sharing immediate LOSS with me--e.g., we dined "out" and we hugged a bunch.

Duner's 'passing' is one more loss.

The loss of my friend, Mark, to cardiac arrest in his hotel room in Santa Cruz is yet one more loss.

There have been a BUNDLE (of "losses").

But the ETERNAL PROCREATOR AND PROVIDER is no swindler for s(he) resurrects what she takes unto HERself --keeping HOLI what she would cherish.

Trans.: "Creating anew from the chaos of thanatos"--even if EROS remains only as a cherished idealization (a la MAXFIELD PARRISH idealized themes).

This is not great writing; but, then again, I am not a writer--rather...i labor at writing!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


okay be that way...

not to acknowledge

a degradation




about the

physical hunger

of brothers and sisters

near and afar...

exacerbates the

slow, raw simmer

of the hitch-hiker,

who resents the driver-

for owning the car-

that picks him up

and delivers him

to his gratitude-free


"I get

out here,"

he drawls...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


every day i am not flying in, sitting in, or driving, a vehicle

i feel more peaceful

not saintly peaceful

just everyday peaceful

as i have time to talk

to draw

to calligraph

to cook

to read

to swim...

and i am consuming less

fossil fuel...

wouldn't it be a kinda 'golden fleece'

if it really were about

wagin' peace...

(as to what i am "up to" these days, only the "shadow" knows--and she's not tellin')