Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The art of Rumoring is a subtle art,
More subtle than gossiping, which can give one a "start"-
A small-town, homespun, folksy craft
Separating clean-living Rumorers from those who are Daft:
Rumorers to the fore; Daft to the aft.

Still, let me not be a "Gloomer"
Who "showers shade" on those who rumor:
Rumorers struggle hard as "Citizens SANE",
Singing rumors from behind their windowpane.

As one of the Daft, I don't romanticize...
The state of daftness, I realize,
Warrants a caveat, a word to the wise:
"Unless you're daft, don't condescend
To moralize that a baseless rumor is, simply,
A justified means to an end."

Monday, March 28, 2005

Lake Wha Cha Ma Callit: Grandfather's Tale

The children gathered around the elder in the flickering light of the muted television and,like barking seal pups,pleaded
-Tell us again,Grandfather,the story of how Lake Wha Cha Ma Callit got its name.
And so Grandfather began.

-Eons ago there was a lake that existed before women and men. The lake was home to birds and fish,waterfowl,bullrushes- but no bulls-or cows for that matter. Deer, elk,bear,and fox came to the lake to drink and visit. Sometimes a cougar would venture down to this lake by the sea,too.

Then our ancestors came: the People (Tolowa,Karuk,Hoopah,Yurok),the so-called "indigenous" people.We lived from the land,and fed from Mother Earth's bounty.After us came the Oldtimers,who claimed to have lived here forever and made the first improvements on Mother Nature.The lake we had called Water-Bird Lake,they named after their families,giving the Lake human names and claiming Ownership,because now the Lake was named after them.And they named roads and tracts of land after their family names,too...and the Oldtimers began to think of themselves as the original settlers and improvers of land, and they forgot that the Indigenous People were here before them.

And the Oldtimers, some of whom were "good old boys" started to deplete Mother Earth:timber,fish,deer,bear,fox,and minerals,too. They believed that they needed to get very rich to live well and a good way to get rich was to claim land-and then sell it. So,even though Water-Bird Lake was getting "poopy" with cow poop,it was still very beautiful.

Then a few Oldtimers decided to form a corporation with friends from the Southland and build roads through sand-dunes and sell parcels of land around the lake- which they sold in hotel and motel ballrooms in the Southland with the aid of nifty movies and slideshows of pristine vistas of the Lake. People who asked about water hook-ups and sewage disposal were advised "don't sweat the small stuff". Instead, they were urged to "dream the possibilities": Between the Redwoods and the Sea- A SPORTSMAN'S

Many Southlanders "bought in";some Locals,too. Even Real Estate folk and Government Officials,it is rumored,bought in; however, BEWARE SMALL TOWN RUMORS! Anyway,though a roadway grid was built through the dunes,the infrastructure preparation and permit process preparation was incomplete;"Dune City" was never built.

Some people say money changed hands;but how could this be? If money does not have hands in the first place,how can money "change hands"?

After awhile, Lake Peaceful Shores, returned to a site for target practice,paintball games,garbage disposal,million dollar homes,wrecked cars,meth labs,birdwatching:in short, a multi-use, public-private domain serving multiple constituencies.

And so, Water-Bird Lake is now Multi-Use Lake- and that,my Extended Family, is why I call this lake: Lake Wha Cha Ma Callit.

-Oh Please Tell The Story Again, Grandpa.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Spring is here. Yahoo!

Mercury is retrograde for a few weeks, so I am "chilling my jets" as far as new projects go and simply getting into REFLECTION and small projects at home.

Progressive momentum seems to be stymied in the domestic political arena, but I view this seeming swing to fundamentalist intolerance as temporary and chimaeric. The tides of progressive change run deeper than fleeting media sound-bites and imagery that support a reactionary, militaristic agenda.

On a worldwide scale so many people thirst for justice and social change; by necessity, the United States must drop its oppressive social posture and become proactive for social change. If we want to get out of our political dead end, we must CHANGE COURSE.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bright Lights, Big City: Crescent City


Monday, March 14, 2005


Sleeping disarrayed-

From apple blossom blankets

Bare toe emerges

Friday, March 11, 2005


Crescent harbor arching to its point

Past the eons of ages gone,

Where no whales dip in

For a quick spout.

Walking a kind of Yurok way- although

Old burial ground sinks to sea:

And nameless ancestors, earthen now,

Erode to Neptune's spoutless grotto.

No horn of Triton greets

The merging of spirits and sea;

Simply the obscuring of muddy history-

Why tell the story?

The time has passed...

Into chunks in the black and indigenous earth:

Earth washed to a muddy, confused sea, where

We are at liberty simply to be adrift.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Early Spring Sunshine

If you know what your blog is going to say before you write it, some of the fun of blogging is lost.

I was thinking some about writing a blog on media access, and how media critics- that is critics of media controllers blocking access to media for greater numbers of people- themselves block access to media when they (the critics) "control the mike".

It seems to devolve to "control issues".

Anyway, my heart just isn't into exploring media control today. Nor criticizing the critics. Not that these issues aren't important. But the sun is shining, the sky is blue, my cold is passing, I exercised at CURVES- and I feel like "living simple"... or simply, living.

So, just for today- I lay my worry down, I lay my social commitment down, I lay my social commitments down, I allow myself to become hypnotized by the developments of words and thoughts on the video screen before me... and now I venture out into the Early Spring SUNSHINE.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005



What does "PR" mean? Public Relations? Press Release? Portable Resume? Photogenic
Record? All of the above? In any event, it is more than simple "public relations".

To be known as skilled at PR one must be able to create a resume to fit any particular PR job in the wink of an eye. To sell your product, even if it is simply your particular intellectual property, you have to be able to package it for your buyer. In a sense, you have to be able to sell yourself before you can sell your product. If you have to make the product look good, it doesn't hurt to look good yourself.

And it doesn't hurt if you can write the product up to sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

All of this wisdom applies to PUBLIC RELATIONS. As for PRIVATE RELATIONS, that is another matter: Private Relations Isn't "PR".


Monday, March 07, 2005


A snag.

That is what I sometimes am caught upon in my "freefloat": a snag. As if I am caught on a branch in the River.

Sometimes I feel snagged (as if I have no choice in the matter). A smile can snag me... so can tears, laughter, an engrossing tale, a piece of song, a snippet of video, a poem, a turn of phrase, a quizzical expression... any of these can snag me from my freefloat.

And then I am bound to give attention, to pay attention, to give heed, to take heed, to partake of someone else's agenda, of someone else's needs, concerns, volition, life force, priorities.

All of which is fine; still, sometimes I wish to keep in mind my own needs and priorities, one of which is occasionally to unsnag myself- and freefloat.

Friday, March 04, 2005


The town: Crescent City, CA. The newspaper: The Daily Triplicate. The section:
letters to the editor. The question: does "fear and loathing" exist in excess in America today?

The conclusion of the last two letter writers (critics of Dr.Throgmorton) on the subject of "fear and loathing": even to suggest that there is excessive fear and loathing in America is "unpatriotic".

Wow. Who appointed these guys chiefs of lockstep nationalism? I guess they are self-appointed.

For those who fear ideas and loathe those who freely express them, I might suggest
that their sense of nationalism grow to include the fundamentals of democracy; then their overweening sense of pride might warrant a designation of "patriotism".